Corporate Policy Development

  • Security Policy Review
  • Security Policy Formulation
  • Security Designs

For organizations, the fact that they have people travelling regularly across the globe is often treated in the same way as a local car journey. No account is taken of particular problems that could go wrong. Some problems could include loss of contact, involvement in local low-level crime, kidnappings, or being caught up in local political unrest.

Organizations may already have a Corporate Security Policy, but the likelihood is that since it was written it may have not been renewed, and many employees may not be aware of its existence. In an event that an actual crisis incident does occur, the corporate policy is neither relevant nor accessible.

PAACZ security and logistics Security Services can help you develop a corporate security policy covering planning, preparation, in-country personal security procedures as well as contingency plans that will allow everyone connected with the organization on how to react appropriately under any circumstances.