Security Management and Professional Development

  • The Principles of Command & Control
  • Counter-Terrorism Programmes
  • Anti-Kidnapping Programmes
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Integrated Emergency Management
  • Leadership and Decision Making in a Crisis
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Understanding the Consequences of a Crisis
  • International Media Management
  • Management of Major Incidents
  • Media Management Course
  • Consequence Management Course

There is no area or level of operational management that does not include aspects of security management. Even though it is widely recognized that the ability to maintain the security of staff, customers and facilities from low-level attacks(verbal assault, graffiti, workplace violence, etc) domestic or international terrorism, is a fundamental area of corporate responsibility, most managers and policy developers have a limited understanding of recognized best practice models and theories of security management.

PAACZ Security and Logistics Limited provides a range of professional development programs designed specifically to give participants a thorough understanding of latest security management models and theories, and to develop the skills necessary to introduce recognized best practices into their own operations in the most appropriate and cost effective manner.